Basile Rousse

Université Paris Cité, Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques (INED)


Université Paris Cité

45 rue des Saint-Pères

Paris, France

Contact :

I am a PhD student in computer science and remote sensing for demography since November 2021, under the supervision of Sylvain Lobry, LIPADE, Géraldine Duthé, Ined, Valérie Golaz,Ined,LPED and Laurent Wendling,LIPADE.

I am working on the use of remote sensing images for demography analysis in Sub-Saharan countries. In a globalized context increasingly impacted by climate change, demographic studies would gain from taking environmental data into account. However, it is not always possible in Sub-Saharan Africa, as matching harmonized demographic and envrionemental data are seldom available. The goal of this PhD is to take advantage of the large amount of data producted by Earth imagery, as Sentinel from ESA, to develop robust environmental indicators that can increase our understanding of demographic studies.


Nov 25, 2022 Open internship position
Jul 6, 2022 I gave a talk about linking environmental descriptors generated from remote sensing images and demographic data, at Ined and IPUMS’ seminar on connecting population and environment.
May 24, 2022 Poster on the use of remote sensing images for demographic analysis presented at ESA Living Planet Symposium in Bonn!
Nov 1, 2020 Start of the PhD!